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Guaranteeing the highest quality

With over a decade of experience, J & R Asphalt Maintenance has the knowledge and experience necessary to maintain all types of asphalt. We use the latest technology and continue our employees' education so you know your property will be in good hands.

All of our professionals are committed to providing the highest quality level on all the jobs we work on. Our high standards are the reason why we're proud members of the local Better Business Bureau!

Easy fixes

Small holes don't have to ruin all of your asphalt. We offer patching and paving work, using hot and cold asphalt mix, infrared seamless patching, and saw cut and removal.


We also handle all types of asphalt cracks. Our crack filing services utilize routed and heat lancing and joint caulking for quick repairs.

Major projects

If your asphalt has more than small cracks and holes, larger services might be required. Talk to us about asphalt sealcoating, including rejuvenating, polymer, and road sealers.


Stripping services are also available - new layout, roadways, line removal, thermoplastic and warehouse stripping.

Specializing in all aspects of asphalt

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